The many practices of citizen science - Citizen science, citizen social science, and extreme citizen science in public health

InSPIRES Webinar: Thursday, October 1st, 15:30-16:30h CEST time

The InSPIRES EU project is delighted to welcome you to join a new webinar. The invited speaker is Dr. Alexandra Albert,  a social researcher based in the Extreme Citizen Science (ExCiteS) research group in the Geography Department at University College London (UCL).

This webinar will explore the differences and similarities in the approaches of citizen science, citizen social science, and extreme citizen science, and will ask what the benefits are of distinguishing between them. It will firstly look at the ways in which these different approaches to doing participatory research have been theorised, and then will draw on practical examples of how they have played out in practice, with a particular focus on the context of public health. Lastly the webinar will seek to discuss how these approaches respond to civil society organisations and other stakeholders.   

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We encourage you to forward this invitation to your Science Shop Network (students, CSOs, researchers, etc.) and to any other community where you may think it can be of interest.