MOOC "Try RRI - A guide for Responsible Research and Innovation in practice"

Online course

In the online course "Try RRI - A guide for Responsible Research and Innovation in practice" participants will learn how to apply Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in your own work and why it is important to act responsibly in research and innovation processes and reflect on the different fields of application. 

Participants will get introduced to several tools that help them to get their own work on research and/or innovation more aware by introducing concepts of RRI and related issues to their work or study settings. In addition, we will present inspiring practical examples and cases from the NewHoRRIzon social lab processes, which effectively applied RRI in different fields and it shows in a range of exercises how R&I processes are considered from different viewpoints.

This course is specifically customized for researchers and students, innovators, policymakers as well as interested people from personal development, policy including interested educators and innovation trainers. The course duration is three weeks and will approximately take 3 -5 hours per week to follow. Participants are asked to deal with information and reading materials, to actively reflect on contents and interact with others. A certificate can also be obtained, but it is not mandatory.