EnRRICH Objectives

In order to achieve the overall objective of creating a better awareness and take-up of RRI in the curriculum and therefore produce more responsible and responsive researchers and enhance the capacity of higher education to respond to societal needs, the EnRRICH consortium has identified 6 specific objectives:

  1. To define and build a shared understanding of RRI in curricula by debating, collecting and evaluating good practice across the consortium and beyond; developing and making openly available case studies and guidelines demonstrating how RRI keys can be embedded and evaluated in a range of academic disciplines and at different levels in higher education;

  2. To develop and pilot the use of RRI teaching practices based on multi stakeholder inputs, to support academic staff to integrate RRI in a range of disciplines in higher education from early stages, and to produce useable resources to enhance the uptake of RRI in curricula;

  3. To test Science Shops and other community exchange mechanisms as methods of developing and supporting incorporation of RRI in higher education curricula, starting and mentoring new practices and upgrading already established practices through a Community of Practice (CoP);

  4. To stimulate dialogue and help develop and leverage policy at international, national and institutional levels to advance the uptake of RRI in academic curricula, in particular in relation to professional frameworks that influence curriculum development and encourage recognition and reward of higher education lecturers integrating aspects of RRI keys in the curriculum;

  5. To enable mutual learning among EnRRICH project members, their strategic partners and networks and the wider academic and CSO communities regarding best practices and bottlenecks in enhancing RRI learning in the curriculum, learning about how practices could be improved through internal and stakeholders’ evaluation, and relating these to expectations and aspirations of national and European evaluation and quality assurance agencies;

  6. To build partnerships and engage stakeholders including CSOs, higher education institutions (HEIs), research bodies, the media, relevant networks, and policy makers with the activities and results of EnRRICH from the outset, obtaining feedback from them and stimulating transnational exchange on RRI curricula for use by HEIs and other societal actors and disseminate newly developed educational material and curricula for use by HEIs.