9.1 Where can I find practical materials for Science Shops?

A lot of Science Shops do have materials to train their staff or their students. Most materials are not translated (yet). But at the Living Knowledge website you can find a Toolbox with (translated) documents for download in English, on:

  • Community-based research methods
  • Science Shop administration
  • Public Awareness
  • Preparing a Science Shop project
  • Carrying out a Science Shop Project
  • Writing / publication of a Science Shop project

You can also raise your question for practical materials at the Living Knowledge Discussion list.

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9.2 How can I learn to run a Science Shop?

If you want to learn more about Science Shops in practice you can check the Science Shop Toolbox. On an occasional base (e.g. at Living Knowledge conferences in Europe, or CUexpo conferences in Canada) short introduction courses (1 or several days) can be organized (Summer Schools). These courses will be announced on the Living Knowledge list.

You can also contact the International Science Shop Contact Point to express your interest for an individual mentoring programme offered by an experienced Science Shop that best suits your needs and profile.

You can also use the Living Knowledge list for questions and to learn from experienced Science Shops.

The reports of the SCIPAS project (especially report 1,2,3 and 6) are very informative to know more about running a science shop.

Within the PERARES project (2010-2014), new Science Shops were initiated and the process reported. Information can be found in the PERARES reports.

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