ISSNET – Improving Science Shop Networking

ISSNET was a 30 months thematic network funded within the programme Raising Public Awareness of Sciences and Technology of the Fifth Framework Programme of the European Commission. The ISSNET consortium comprised 13 organisations from 9 countries. The activities in ISSNET built upon the work in the recent EC-STRATA project SCIPAS and were carried out in strong co-operation with the STRATA project Interacts. Activities of ISSNET were the nucleus for the future international network of Science Shops - Living Knowledge.

ISSNET established a new vibrant and sustainable International Science Shop Network. The project focused on activities that optimise the exchange of content and ideas in the science, society and governance debate, and improved public access to, and awareness of science. ISSNET strengthened Science Shops world-wide, an unique infrastructure that increases public access to science, the public awareness and understanding of the beneficial impacts of science, as well as the limitations and implications of science and technology on their daily lives. ISSNET raised awareness of scientists and policy makers of (research) issues that are of concern to the public. All network activities met both the internal and external goals aimed at adding value to network members and other individuals and organizations concerned with science, technology and society. ISSNET was an indispensable step for the establishment of an international Science Shop network in the future.

The ISSNET project focused on how to build and maintain a Science Shop network, e.g. by exchange of information (conference, newsletter etc.) and research cooperation. ISSNET delivered reports on structuring the network, options for community-based research cooperation, conference proceedings and magazines and newsletters.


All documents can be accessed or downloaded for free.

Work package 1: Living Knowledge Network set up and maintenance

Work package 2: Living Knowledge public relations

Work package 3: Living Knowledge conference

  • Advancing Science and Society Interactions
    Proceedings, abstracts of presentations and pictures of the second Living Knowledge conference, Seville (Spain), February 3-5, 2005. This documentation is available as CD-ROM and attached to the paper version of the confer3ence proceedings. Download version of the proceedings

Work package 4: Transnational Research Co-operation