Advisory Board

Gerard Straver, Science Shop Coordinator - Wageningen University, Corporate Education, Research and Innovation department, The Netherlands

Norbert Steinhaus, Bonn Science Shop (WILA Bonn), Germany

Rajesh Tandon and Budd L. Hall, UNESCO chair in Community based research and Social responsibility in Higher Education, India and Canada

Ignasi López Verdeguer, LaCaixa Foundation, Spain

Moura Quayle, Liu Institute for Global Affaire, The University of British Columbia, Canada

Itziar de Lecuona, UNESCO chair in Bioethics and Law, Spain

Antonio Raschi, Florence National Research Council, Italia

Hideyuki Hirakawa, Center for the study of Co-design, Osaka University, Japan

Science Café Italian Association, Italy

Antonio Lucchesi, Insieme Association, Italy

Fermín Serrano Sanz, Ibercivis Foundation, Spain

Katrin Vohland, European Citizen Science Association, Germany

Sinead O’Gorman, Scholars at Risk, United States of America



InSPIRES full web page well be launched in October 2017. Currently, here you can access the Project Coordinator’s web page.