University of Groningen Science Shops

Since 1979, The University of Groningen Science Shops make academic research possible for civil society groups and organizations. Currently, the University of Groningen has six Science Shops, which give access to most of the university’s research fields:

  1. Bèta Science Shop (Science and Engineering)
  2. Science Shop Education (Behavioural and Social Sciences)
  3. FEB Student Consultancy (Economics and Business)
  4. Knowledge Center Philosophy (Philosophy)
  5. Science Shop Language, Culture and Communication (Arts and Humanities)
  6. Science Shop Public Health and Medicine (Medical Sciences – University Medical Center Groningen)

If you want to know more about our research, news or activities, make sure to check our website.

University of Groningen Green Office

The UG Science Shops coordinators work together with the Green Office, the university department that inspires students and staff to think and act more sustainable. Like Science Shops, the Green Office offers student projects and organises activities about sustainability. They are also intensively involved in making the Living Knowledge Conference as sustainable as possible.

Wijk Inzet Jongeren en Studenten (WIJS)

WIJS (Wijk Inzet Jongeren en Studenten – Dutch website) is a collaboration of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences with the Municipality of Groningen, WIJ-Groningen (the Social Work Teams of Groningen, Alfa-college and Noorderpoort-college and University of Groningen. WIJS translates as “WISE” and the Dutch abbreviation means “Neighbourhood Efforts of Young People and Students”. WIJS sets up student projects in the city, with and for citizens, social work teams, etc, and offers a place where citizens can have walk-in advisory sessions concerning taxes, rent, legal issues, etc. WIJS and the University of Groningen Science Shops work together to help civil society organizations with their questions and to create joint projects. WIJS resides in the Paddepoel shopping center in the north of the city.