Special childcare programme at the University of Groningen

In the summer of 2010 the University of Groningen started a special childcare programme offering childcare services to 1) guest lecturers/guest researchers and 2) participants of University conferences.

In its first years the programme was financed through a subsidy from the Elsevier Foundation. In the meantime the costs are covered by the University itself. An important goal of the programme is to support parents in their academic careers, and it dovetails well with other University initiatives such as the mentoring programme for female academics and the Rosalind Franklin Fellowships.

The programme is organized in cooperation with the Groningen City Childcare Association (SKSG), which runs 30 day care centres for children aged 0-4, and also organizes after-school care for children aged 4-13.

If you have any questions about this childcare programme or wish to register, please mention this in your participant registration or contact Childcare options are free but subject to availability.