Programme overview

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A more detailed programme, with abstracts, co-authors/presenters, and date/time of the sessions will follow later

We will have a whole range of parallel sessions, for which we have accepted about 190 proposals. There will be a poster-presentation session and so-called 5-minute exposé’s – especially geared towards follow-up discussions (meeting, learning and maybe collaborating). There will be panels and research presentation sessions, but also storytelling sessions – explaining the development of research with and for communities experiences from various perspectives. And of course there will be workshops: to collectively solve problems or dilemma’s, to develop strategies – or to learn new skills. Finally, we will have a number of arts based sessions (photography, music, painting / constructing, dance…).

We will construct a first version of the programme in the second half of April, once we know for sure which authors have registered.

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Conference: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 29 June – 1 July 2022
Pre-conference Programme (workshops, summer schools, network meetings): Tuesday 28 June 2022