Social programme

City Walk (Tuesday before the Conference)

This walking tour offers a little introduction to the city of Groningen and its more obscure history. Stories with different themes like music history, queer history and squatting history will paint a colourful picture of subversive energies that have contributed in shaping the city.

Start: 14:00 hrs., 16:00 hrs, and 18:00 hrs.
Duration: one hour. No registration necessary!

Pickup: Statue of Aletta Jacobs, right in front of the entrance of the Harmonie Building.

Your Guide: Fiona van den Bergh

Welcome Reception (Wednesday)

The reception at the end of the first conference day will be held in the A-kerk. This church is one of the top locations in Groningen and has a history that reaches back to before the 13th century.   Time 17.00-19.00 Hours. At 17.30, prof Jouke de Vries, President of the University of Groningen, will welcome you. After this, those interested can join artist Aimee ter Burg for a short tour and explantion of the current exhibition in the church, which is part of the Bittersweet Inheritage activities, remembering the abolishment of slavery. (Akerkhof 2, Groningen)

Dinner-Matching (Wednesday)

On the first day of the conference we offer the opportunity to have dinner with other, random, conference participants. It’s an easy way to meet new people! We will make reservations at various downtown restaurants, and you can register yourself for a restaurant of your choice at the registration desk of the conference. A table will be reserved for the conference at the given time/location. Obviously, you do have to pay for your own dinner. We will indicate the price range of the selected restaurants (low/mid/high).

Most of you indicated to be interested, but of course you can make your final decision on the day itself. If you do sign up, please do go and not leave a seat empty.
Dinner tables for 6 persons each are reserved from 19.30 at various restaurants.

Conference Dinner (Thursday)

On Thursday, the conference dinner will be at the lovely “Rietschans” restaurant at Lake Paterswolde. Prior to the dinner we will go for a short walk or boat trip at the location. Bus transport is included in your ticket, as we go a little outside of the city. (Meerweg 221, Haren). Busses leave at 17.45 from the Ossenmarkt, a 5 min walk from the conference venues. You will be back in town by about 22.15hrs.

Optional Activities

There will be a range of optional activities, like city-walks and site-visits, or visits to expositions. More information will follow. We will provide some more touristic/cultural events on our ‘tourist page’: CLICK HERE.