Webinar Living Knowledge 2020: a 20th anniversary in lockdown

We had hoped to see all of you in Groningen at the end of June to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our Living Knowledge Network. Unfortunately, we had to postpone our 9th International Living Knowledge Conference to 2021.

Because we do miss all our global friends and colleagues, we decided we should not let this birthday pass without any notice. Moreover, the current pandemic gives us a lot of food for thought and discussion. Therefore we will host a webinar on Friday June 26th, from 14.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs CEST.

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The webinar will be hosted through Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. No download of software is required; you will receive a link to login.
In the plenary you can ask questions and discuss through a chat function.
In the sub groups you can use microphone and video as well.

14.00 hrs CEST Opening
Info on Speakers can be found HERE.
Exact time schedule to be confirmed. Provisionally:

14.00 Introduction on Science Shops Groningen and the Living Knowledge Network (Henk Mulder)

14.20   Theme: Community-based Research and (post) Corona

Introductions by Rajesh Tandon (PRIA Participatory Research in Asia, Delhi, India), Beth Tryon (Mid-West Community Based Research Network/University of Maddison, USA), Florence Piron (Francophone Network of Science Shops/Universite de Laval, Canada), María Jesús Pinazo (InSPIRES project/IS Global, Spain).
Info on Speakers can be found HERE.

15.00 break

15.15 Parallel discussion tables

You can select one of the themes. Each of these themes has a URL to get you to its main event page. There, all participants will be divided over several sub-groups to discuss any topic within the theme. We hope that this gives you the ‘real’ conference experience, where we all value chats with colleagues over coffee, or open space sessions, without presentations or a very strict agenda. There are no discussion ‘leaders’ in most cases; it’s up to you. 
An advantage of this is its flexibility; no matter how many people select a theme, we can manage to make workable sub-groups of about 5-7 people on the spot.

We pre-selected three themes related to the current pandemic, but we also have a fully open theme. During registration you can indicate any topic you would like to discuss. We will list those so people can come to your session from the main theme-event page (if you have a very specific topic for one of the Corona-related themes you can also indicate that).

As a participant you are allowed to switch groups during the session.


  1. How to contribute to epidemic control (medicines, apps, physical distancing)
  2. How to continue group work with students and CSOs in (partial) lockdown
  3. How to create a sustainable, equitable, liveable post corona society
  4. Fully open topics

16.10 break

16.25 Back to plenary session 

The Past and Future of the Living Knowledge Network
Norbert Steinhaus (Science Shop Bonn) will share some stories on how the Living Knowledge Network came about and inform us on some future developments
The Groningen team will conclude the session with an outlook to LK9 in 2021.

From 17.00: Optional: Drink/chat sessions, for which we can supply parallel rooms, but you can use your own platforms as well, just invite each other via the chat function!

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