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Panel on Community-based Research and (post) Corona

Rajesh Tandon

Dr Rajesh Tandon is an internationally acclaimed leader and practitioner of participatory research and development. He is Founder-President of Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA), global centre for participatory research & training since 1982. He is also Co-Chair of the UNESCO Chair on Community Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education since 2012. The UNESCO Chair grows out of and supports UNESCO’s global lead to play ‘a key role in assisting countries to build knowledge societies’. A pioneer of participatory research, Rajesh Tandon has given new meaning to academic research by redefining the relationship between the researcher and the researched. He has championed the cause of building organisations and capacities of the marginalised through their knowledge, learning and empowerment, contributing to the emergence of several local, national and international groups and initiatives to promote authentic and participatory development of societies.  Dr Tandon has served on numerous expert committees of Govt of India, UGC, UN, Commonwealth & World Bank. In 2015, the Indian Adult Education Association (IAEA) awarded Dr Tandon the Nehru Literacy Award.  For his distinguished work on gender issues, the Government of India honoured him with the prestigious Award in Social Justice in March 2007. The University of Victoria, Canada, awarded Dr Tandon the degree of Doctor of Law (Honoris Causa) in June 2008. He is the first Indian to be inducted to the International Adult and Continuing Education (IACE) Hall of Fame (class of 2011)

María Jesús Pinazo Delgado

María Jesús Pinazo Delgado, MD, PhD is a physician, senior specialist in Internal Medicine at the International Health Service of the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona, Assistant Research Professor at ISGlobal and Associate Professor at Barcelona University. She obtained her PhD in Internal Medicine at the University of Barcelona in 2016. Her main line of research in International Health is on Chagas Disease, from basic to Public Health research. Since 2010 she is the technical coordinator of the Comprehensive Care Platform for Chagas’ disease patients in Bolivia. Since 2011 he has been a member of the international network “New Tools for the Diagnosis and Evaluation of the Patient with CD (NHEPACHA)”. Since 2007, she has been teaching Global Health in Masters in International Health (University of Barcelona); and Masters of One Health, and Masters Immigration, Interculturality and Health (Autonomous University of Barcelona). In 2010 she coordinated the protocol for screening and diagnosis of Chagas’ disease in pregnant Latin American women (Departament de Salut, Generalitat de Catalunya). Since 2017 she is the scientific coordinator of the InSPIRES project (H2020 program), bringing science closer to society, integrating the RRI, the “open-science and open data” in its scientific approach. Since 2019 she is the co-coordinator of La Caixa LivingLab.

Florence Piron

dr. Florence Piron is an anthropologist and ethicist, Full Professor in the Department of Information and Communication at Université Laval where she teaches critical thinking through courses on ethics, democracy and methodology. Founding president of the Association science et bien commun and the science shop Accès savoirs at Université Laval, director of the Éditions science et bien commun, which publish in open access, she is interested in the links between science, society and culture (ethics), both as a researcher and as an activist for a more open, inclusive, socially responsible science. She intervenes orally and in writing in a wide variety of settings, both within and outside the academic world. She is currently at the heart of several research-action projects aimed at promoting and disseminating academic knowledge from sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti and developing endogenous research capacity in these parts of the Global South thanks to the creation of 10 science shops.

Beth Tryon

Beth Tryon, MA, Elizabeth Tryon works as Assistant Director for Community-Engaged Scholarship at the Morgridge Center for Public Service, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. She consults with faculty, staff, and students across disciplines, facilitating and developing community-based learning & research courses and projects with a special focus on community partner relationships, from local to global. Beth manages several grants for community-based learning and research projects, and is Co-Chair of the Wisconsin Without Borders Alliance, a cross-campus interdisciplinary initiative to promote and further good practice in global engagement, and also a member of the International Living Knowledge Network. She is co-editor of the book The Unheard Voices: Community Organizations and Service Learning (Temple University Press, 2009), and facilitates workshops around North America and Europe on knowledge co-creation & mobilization, and building equitable community partnerships.

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Living Knowledge Network: Norbert Steinhaus (Science Shop Bonn, Germany) and Henk Mulder (Science Shops Groningen, Netherlands)

Both Norbert Steinhaus and Henk Mulder are true ambassadors of science shops and community-based research. They are founding members of the Living Knowledge Network. There seems to be barely any country left in the world where one of them has not spoken or worked on a collaborative project, or at least engaged in Skype conversations. They will speak on the past and next 20 years of Living Knowledge. Where do we come from, what have we achieved, and where to next?

Norbert Steinhaus

Norbert Steinhaus joined the Bonn Science Shop in 1988, and became a Science Shop board member in 1990. Since the end of 2007 he is the coordinator and international contact point of Living Knowledge, the international Science Shop network. He currently coordinates TeRRIFICA, which is his 19th international project (and 4th as coordinator). Projects he has been involved in include PERARES, RRI TOOLS, EnRRICH, SPARKS, and BigPicnic. Besides, he supported numerous more Horizon 2020 projects through being on their advisory board. He holds an engineering degree in agriculture.

Henk Mulder

Henk Mulder joined the Science Shop at the Science and Engineering Faculty in 1989 and is the current chairperson of the Science Shops of Groningen University. Henk has a long experience in research with and for civil society organizations and the co-creation of knowledge. His interests are public engagement in research, dialogues, science (communication) policies and European/international networking for citizen engagement in all phases of the (responsible) research and innovation process, including agenda-setting. He led the EU funded project “PERARES” and was partner in “Engage2020”, and is on various Advisory Panels. He is also a lecturer, and Programme Director of the Master Science Education and Communication. He has degrees in Chemistry and Energy and Environmental Sciences.

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