Living Knowledge – Exchange, Networking and Building Partnerships

The Living Knowledge Network is composed of persons active in -or supportive of- Science Shops and Community Based Research. Living Knowledge aims to foster public engagement with, and participation in, all levels of the research and innovation process.

We facilitate cooperation with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to generate research ideas, questions and agendas. We perform research in response to these questions, either ourselves or with the assistance of others, notably higher education students. Our goal is to co-create research to find solutions and therefore make a positive impact on real world problems.

By doing this, we promote community focused cooperation between civil society and those involved in teaching, research and innovation, particularly in higher education. Our process of engaging with society aims to strengthen both the research process and its outcomes for all partners, and thus contribute to research excellence and innovation outcomes that meet views, wishes and demands of civil society.

More about the Living Knowledge basic concept (pdf)

Policy brief #2 NewHoRRIzon


September 2019

Policy brief #2 'Lacking integration of societal needs and ethical concerns into European research and innovation policy severelyy limits the ability to tackle 'grand challenges'

NewHoRRIzon is a project that aims at further integrating Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in the research and innovation systems on national and international levels.

More about the project
Download the policy brief

9th Living Knowledge Conference 2022

New Synergies in Research with and for Communities: To meet, to learn, to collaborate

Conference: Wednesday 29 June, Thursday 30 June and Friday 1 July, 2022
Pre-conference: Tuesday 28 June 2022.

The 9th Living Knowledge Conference in Groningen, The Netherlands, aims to bring together all those involved in doing or supporting research with and for communities. What can we learn from each other’s approaches? How can we collaborate? Which links have been forged and which could we still make? On our network’s 22nd anniversary we will celebrate our achievements and look forward into the future!

You will find more information on the conference website

Science Shops

Science Shops are not “shops” in the traditional sense of the word. They are small entities that provide independent, participatory research support in response to concerns experienced by civil society. Read more about Science Shops, their history and tasks.

Stay informed

Website, Newsletter and Discussion list are the main communication tools of the Living Knowledge Network. They will keep you informed about developments related to building partnerships for public access to research. Also check out the Science Shop Toolbox and library in our Resources section!