Tools and Reference Materials

Organisational Elements of Science Shops

FAQs – General information on Science Shops
Living Knowledge
Science Shops, definition, history

Introduction to the concept of Science Shops – Science Shop at the Technical University of Denmark
DTU Lyngby

Concept, Denmark


Living Knowledge – Basic Conception
Living Knowledge

Definition, concept
Science Shops establishment guide
Horizon 2020 SciShops project
Organisation, structure, funding, staff, evaluation, communication
FAQs – Organisational forms of Science Shops
Living Knowledge
Organisation, structure, university
Interchange Liverpool – constitution (rev. 2003)
Interchange Liverpool
Interchange mission statement (Extract from constitution)
Interchange Liverpool
Mission statement
Science Shops scenarios collection
Horizon 2020 SciShops project
Organisation, structure, funding, staff, university, NGO, business
FAQs – Financing a Science Shop
Living Knowledge
Financing, Funding
A Cost Benefit Analysis and Evaluation of Science Shops
PERARES project
Financing, Evaluation
Funding issues (from ‘Pedagogies of Praxis’)
Interchange Liverpool
Financing, Funding
FAQs – Staffing a Science Shop
Living Knowledge
Staff, human resources
Job Description – Science Shop coordinator
Queen’s University Belfast
Staff, human resources, job description
FAQs – Training  and mentoring
Living Knowledge
Training, mentoring, Summer School
Supporting new Science Shops
PERARES project
Mentoring, Summer School
Guidelines for setting up a temporary Pop-up Science Shop
Sparks project
Mentoring, temporary Science Shop
How to set up a new Science Shop – Scenario Workshop methodology
PERARES project
Scenario Workshop, Science Shop setup
Guidelines on the establishment of an Intermediu centre
Science Shop Setup
Emerging of Science Shop CREA Barcelona 2006
CREA Barcelona / TRAMS project
Science Shop Setup, Barcelona
Science Shop Tips & Tricks
Horizon 2020 SciShops project
Organisation, structure, CBPR, communication, stakeholders, evaluation
Training modules on how to establish and run a Science Shop
Horizon 2020 SciShops project

Implementing a Science Shop Project - Methodological Elements

Communication and Public Awareness