InSPIRES Open Platform

An Open Platform

The InSPIRES EU Project embarked in the adventure of developing an online collaborative and crowdsourced database featuring Science Shops, similar structures and their related projects, as well as offering an integrated impact evaluation tool capable of producing real-time project evaluation report.

The aims of the InSPIRES online database and impact evaluation are to:

  • Identify and visualize the size of the Science Shops, and other similar structures, movement and similar structures worldwide.
  • Register collaborative research and innovation projects, facilitated by these intermediation structures , to show their objectives, knowledge and geographical areas, as well as the main collaborators involved.
  • Provide to the community an intuitive and customizable impact evaluation tool to capture process and results outcomes in a harmonized manner.
Access to the platform and impact evaluation tool is free of charge, and all information uploaded to the platform can be checked out and re-analyzed by participants. Learn more about the platform and its partners here

100+ Projects already participating in the platform

Joining the Platform

Anyone can register into the platform and start using the authoring and evaluation tools for their own projects. If you are already part of a network of science shops or a coordinating structure, check if your organization is already a registered member here.

Registration is free and easy. You will need to create a user profile before being able to upload your Project and ascribe it to a coordinating Structure. The project will not be public before being validated by a known Structure.

Access to the evaluation tool is also open to everyone. each of the people participating in the study need to register on the platform. After that, you can start evaluating your Project at all phases of it’s course, get completely personalized reports on many dimensions of scoring, and compare your project to others on the platform!

Once your Project has been uploaded and validated on the platform, it will get promoted on the main LivingKnowledge website homepage. This is a great way to increase the visibility of your project!


InSPIRES brings Science Cafés and other public engagement initiatives into its models together with a “glocal” international focus, for more inclusive, context relevant and culturally adapted community-based participatory research and innovation.

The main goal of the 4-year InSPIRES project is to build effective cooperation between science and society by supporting the growth of Science Shops and enabling the expansion of responsible participatory research and innovation in Europe and abroad, in order to tackle key societal challenges that affect the world population.

Learn more about the InSPIRES project here.