In the Living Knowledge Network, activities take place at various levels. The spectrum in projects on topics, participating cooperation partners, target groups, (participation) methods is very broad. The preparation of the results also ranges from articles, guidelines for action, method manuals, templates, digital tools and much more. We want to make all this diversity in the LK network visible, so that more people inside and outside the network can learn about it, exchange ideas and learn from each other. Since we don’t want to reinvent the wheel, we use the InSPIRES Open Platform (IOP). This platform was created during the EU-funded project InSPIRES and, together with the LK website, offers the possibility of active, lively exchange.
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Project Overview

The European Union has funded several projects which were initiated by Science Shops or with Science Shop participation. These projects all aim to improve public access to science and to strengthen public engagement in research. Examples of these international projects can be divided into

  • Living Knowledge projects (project partners are mainly Science Shops)
  • International projects with Science Shop participation or of relevance for Science Shops